Supportive Strategies 4
Focus on the institution’s role in creating positive experiences for students and employees

Microsite: Strategies Supportive
  • Offer professional development to management focused on positive management practices and leading with kindness
  • Offer professional development to all employees focused on mental health, interpersonal communication, and work-life balance that promotes healing, vulnerability, honesty, and trust
  • Continue the Faculty Diversity Internship Program and explore implementing a faculty and staff student mentoring program
  • Further invest in mental health supports for students
  • Continue to focus on ensuring the College’s campuses are safe and secure for our students and employees
  • Continue to improve the matriculation process (from application to enrollment) for direct and indirect matriculants, as well as non-credit students
  • Regularly gather feedback on ways to improve student and employee experiences
  • Establish mechanisms for succession planning for all departments and leadership positions so processes and practices are implemented consistently regardless of who is in the role
  • Implement sensitivity training & conflict resolution training for employees
  • Invest in trauma-informed training and resources for all employees
  • Continue to enhance co-curriculum programs, clubs, and activities