Synergy Strategies 3
Drive the regional economy and achieve economic justice by expanding equity-minded partnerships with community organizations and local industry to support job exploration, internships, and living-wage job placement

Microsite: Strategies Synergy
  • Scale opportunities for internships and work experience with local industry partners
  • Intentionally market short-term non- credit certificates that lead to living- wage jobs to students looking for clear and quick pathways to employment
  • Implement equity-minded, inclusive, and anti-racist practices in workforce development and across career technical education programs to ensure equitable student success both inside the classroom and throughout the internship, work experience, and career opportunities offered by LBCC in partnership with local industry  
  • Facilitate formal and informal mentorship opportunities between students and industry professionals  
  • Develop, market, and provide access to short-term pathways for adult learners (25+ years of age) to support entry into living-wage jobs  
  • Develop alternative schedules of classes and services on weekends and evenings to meet the needs of adult learners (25+ years of age)