Innovative Strategies 1
Close equity gaps in persistence and course success to achieve equitable student outcomes

Microsite: Strategies Innovative
  • Fully implement structured roadmaps with milestones and meta-majors
  • Continue to offer programs, services, and academic supports in multiple modalities to meet student needs
  • Support the development of fully online programs
  • Develop z-degrees and increase usage of Open Educational Resources
  • Continue to implement and support equity-focused faculty inquiry groups, across both CTE & non-CTE disciplines
  • Implement creative strategies and supports to increase successful transfer-level math and English course completion for degree-seeking students within their first year and close equity gaps
  • Continue to support completion counseling interventions and re- engagement strategies to support student persistence
  • Continue to analyze disaggregated course, program, and institutional student learning outcome data to identify and implement actions to improve student learning  
  • Identify ways to remove barriers inside and outside of the classroom so adult learners (+25 years of age) can attend class while managing other aspects of life (e.g., parent and me courses with kids doing schoolwork while parents are in class)  
  • Identify and implement additional strategies to increase FAFSA application submissions and increase awarding of Pell grants to students  
  • Expand and encourage opportunities for co-teaching across disciplines and amongst faculty of diverse backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, and abilities to promote authentic collaboration, celebrate diversity, and learn from one another to support equitable student learning and success.  
  • Continue to enhance student-centered scheduling practices