Career Ladder Nursing Application
LVN to RN Program


To enroll in this program you must be a currently Licensed Vocational Nurse and submit a copy of your license with your application.

STEP 1: apply to Long Beach City College

Before you can apply to the Nursing program, you must first apply for admission to Long Beach City College. Please take a look at our enrollment guides on the Get Started section of our site and choose the path that is right for you.

Step 2: Attend the Mandatory Information Meeting

Students interested in enrolling in the Associate Degree in Nursing program should attend one of the information meetings which are held during the Fall and Spring semesters. These meetings are mandatory for entrance into the program.

Step 3: Complete the Nursing Application

All students must submit the  before being admitted to the Nursing program. Before submitting the application, please review the following application requirements for the LVN to RN Nursing program.