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The LBCC Art Gallery

The LBCC Art Gallery provides exhibitions and cultural programming that are not only relevant, but vital to our students’ academic, social, emotional, and cultural well-being. The exhibition’s held in the LBCC Art Gallery address issues of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in a direct and meaningful way. Exhibitions, visiting artist lectures and panel discussions are organized to serve as a forum to engage with ideas that are critical to the social, political, and cultural lives of LBCC students, faculty, staff, administration, and the surrounding community. 

The content of the art exhibitions and programming at LBCC art gallery are carefully selected to evoke students’ creative imagination. In prioritizing the art created by members of historically marginalized groups becomes an act of subversion toward the racist colonial past from which museums and curatorial practices emerged out of. The college experience, especially for underserved communities is made more meaningful by seeing themselves reflected in the art spaces. The art gallery also provides professional development opportunities for students, by participating first-hand through work-study opportunities, internships, related coursework, clubs, and volunteer work; the art gallery allows students to develop professional skills that will prepare them for career opportunities in the art industry and thus cultivate a new generation of art professionals.

The gallery programming includes the annual Student Show and a bi-annual Faculty Exhibition, the LBCC Art Gallery has a rich history of presenting exhibitions featuring national and international artists. Gallery exhibitions are complemented by visiting artist lectures, panel discussions, walk-throughs, performances, and other educational programming to enhance learning opportunities for students, faculty staff, administration, and the surrounding community. In conclusion, the LBCC Art Gallery is a site of connection, discovery, intersectionality, and of active civic engagement that enriches the LBCC community.

A survivor of the Guatemalan Genocide carrying a framed photo

Our Culture Our Resistance
Photographs by Jonathan Moller

Repression, Refuge and Healing in Guatemala

Our Culture Our Resistance is a photography exhibition open on Thursday, August 24, 2023 with works by Jonathan Moller about the genocide during the Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1966) that left 166,000 indigenous Mayans dead. Thousands more vanished. The images (photographed 1993 to 2001) portray communities in resistance, captured against the backdrop of Guatemala’s tumultuous past, each a window into a world of life, death, hope and despair during these trying times.   


Cuidate Mucho – Fall 2022
LBCC Art Gallery 2022 Art Exhibition, Oct. 27 - Dec. 10

Cuidate Mucho is a group exhibition centered on care as a life-sustaining and life-giving force. The title of the exhibition Cuidate Mucho translated from Spanish to English as: Take much care of yourself. It is a valediction phrase that combines both care and caution, implying a threat or harm is near. The phrase is often used to wish a loved one a favorable outcome; for example wishing for someone’s safe return home, unharmed, and in one piece.


Cafe Culture Student Art Show

We invite you to visit our Instagram page and view examples of some of the brilliant artworks made by many of the extremely talented students enrolled at Long Beach City College during Fall semester 2020/Spring semester 2021.

Artworks are curated for inclusion in The Annual Student Art Show by the faculty in the Visual and Media Arts Department. All disciplines within Visual and Media Arts will be represented, jewelry, painting and drawing, ceramics, printmaking, photography, sculpture, graphic design and digital media.