Student Affairs


Enhancing the Campus Experience

Welcome to the office of Student Affairs, where it is our mission to create, encourage and support a positive, collegial learning environment whereby the educational goals of students and the College are enhanced. Innovative and traditional programs, events and activities have been developed which foster the opportunity for personal growth through learning, leadership development, shared governance, healthy competition, volunteerism, social interaction, and cultural exchange. 


Associated Student Body

ASB is the student voice for over 28,000 LBCC students promoting an inclusive campus culture that supports the mission and goals of the College. ASB’s purpose is to represent LBCC students, promote cooperation among faculty, students and staff, and to stimulate the intellectual, physical, social and cultural goals through sponsorship of educational and co-curricular programs. 


Clubs & Organizations

Long Beach City College has a number of opportunities for you to get connected. Joining a club or organization will provide you the opportunity to make new friends, develop leadership skills, and contribute to LBCC and the community. Utilize the connections you will make within these clubs and organizations to help you plan your future, network and build lifelong friendships. 

Not only do you need to worry about paying for tuition fees and textbooks, as a student you also need to take care of living costs, such as transportation, housing, childcare, food, and sometimes emergencies that come up. While LBCC doesn’t have all of the answers, the college does provide some resources to help and can also connect you to community resources that support our students.



The success of our students is one of the most important aspects of the mission of Long Beach City College. More than 700 scholarships are given each year, making our scholarship program one of the largest of all community colleges in California. Students are only required to fill out one application at which time the scholarship committee will match you with the appropriate scholarship based on the eligibility requirements.