Journalism Students Wins 15 Awards at Journalism Conference


The Viking News print edition took home the award for General Excellence at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference. 

Long Beach City College students garnered a total of 15 wins at the conference in a variety of categories, including:

  • First place, Magazine Photo: Fernando Pacheco
  • First place, Sports Action Photo: Arlene Guerrero
  • Second place, Magazine Photo: Cassandra Reichelt
  • Third place, Magazine Opinion Article: Alyssa Vega
  • Fourth place, News Photo: Abel Reyes
  • Fourth place, Inside Page Layout: Viking News staff
  • Fourth place, Magazine Cover: City Magazine staff
  • Fourth place, Magazine Page Design/Layout: City Magazine staff
  • Honorable mention, Magazine Illustration: Alyssa Vega
  • Honorable mention, Magazine Photo Story/Essay: Fernando Pacheco
  • Honorable mention, Magazine News Feature Article: Fernando Pacheco and Anna Karkalik
  • Honorable mention, Column Writing: Sabriyya Ghanizada
  • Honorable mention, News Story: Abel Reyes and Marissa Lopez
  • Honorable mention, Feature Photo: Arlene Hawkins

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