LBCC Puente Team Vidal Vargas and Darya Myers (third and fourth f rom left) welcome Dean of Counseling Nohel Corral, Vice President of Student Support Services Dr. Mike Muñoz, Superintendent-President Reagan Ferragamo Romali, LBCCD Board of Trustees Vice President Vivian Malauulu, Trustees Dr. Virginia Baxter and Uduak-Joe Ntuk, and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Kathy Scott, to Puente’s End of the Year Banquet.

Twenty two Puentistas completed the LBCC Puente Program project successfully in Spring 2019 and received their Puente Program Certificates of Completion at the End of the Year Banquet on May 21.

LBCC Puente Program is a transfer program that provides students with support in their transfer-level English courses, offers academic counseling, and sets up their academic mentoring for them to ensure success throughout the year in Puente and through transfer.

Some of the highlights this year included LBCC Puente students participating in the fall semester in Puente Southern California Motivational Conference that was hosted at the University of California, Riverside.

Puente students also participated in the fall Puente Noche de la Familia event, where students, their families, and their educational supporters came to LBCC to learn more about LBCC’s academic transfer program and learned how to support their Puentista throughout the year in the Puente Program.

Puente students also visited UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley in the Spring, before celebrating their success at the End of the Year Banquet.