Sept. 25 – 29
Food Truck Services at LBCC

Food trucks are now open for business at both LBCC campuses, serving a variety of menu offerings. Click here for operating hours, locations and a schedule of food trucks.

Food Truck Illustration for Hot Meals
September 25 – 29, 2023
9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Campus Day Date Food Truck Cuisine
LAC Monday 9/25/23 Italian Burger & Grill Burgers
LAC Monday 9/25/23 Las Guajolotas Mexican
PCC Monday 9/25/23 Something Good LA California Eats
LAC Tuesday 9/26/23 Chicken & Waffle Chicken & Waffles
LAC Tuesday 9/26/23 Quezadilla Gourmet Mexican
PCC Tuesday 9/26/23 Taste Collective Tacos, Burgers, and Asian
LAC Wednesday 9/27/23 Westside Banh Mi Vietnamese
LAC Wednesday  9/27/23 Bender’s Eat Well Sandwiches
PCC Wednesday 9/27/23 Philly Jay’s Steaks Philly Cheesesteaks
LAC Thursday 9/28/23 The Boom Mexican Food Mexican
LAC Thursday 9/28/23 Heritage Kitchen Chicken Sandwiches
PCC Thursday 9/28/23 Heritage LA Mexican/Bowls
LAC Friday 9/29/23 Philly Jay’s Steaks Philly Cheesesteaks


Quad North of Building A

Liberal Arts Campus (LAC) | Quad North of Building A

In Front of Building GG

Pacific Coast Campus (PCC) | In front of Building GG