Azzam El Shihabi
Professor, Math & Engineering

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My love for learning mathematics began during my last year in high school. Learning Calculus then opened my mind to the fact that math is the way to know the natural laws that govern our lives. My love for math led me to learn how it can be applied so we can have better use of the vast amount of resources we have on earth.

My passion for learning math and engineering created in me the passion for teaching it. I want to communicate this passion to others regardless of their mathematical background. I want to convey the fact that learning math is fun and useful in science, engineering, business, and almost any profession.

The other love I have in my life is playing soccer and teaching it to others and especially to my kids. I believe that a healthy brain must be in a healthy body.

I have a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Kuwait University, a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University Long Beach, a Master degree in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate School, and a Ph.D. degree in Engineering Mathematics from Claremont Graduate School.

It is an honor to be part of the Long Beach City College faculty and I look forward to meeting my students inside and outside the classrooms.