Christine Charles-Bohannon
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

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A picture of Christine Charles-Bohannon.

Math has always been my strongest and favorite subject. I began my collegiate studies at UCLA, where I earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and gained a new appreciation for college academia through tutoring and my own studies. After undergrad, I decided to pursue my true passion and applied to graduate school at CSULB, where I successfully earned a degree in Applied Mathematics. There, I had my first experience with my own classroom and I have been hooked ever since!

I have found that many students have a great fear of mathematics and I love being able to help students alleviate that anxiety through study methods and a positive learning environment. I enjoy hosting an active classroom, where students are expected to participate and learn math through practice. I enjoy being a mentor for students both inside and outside of the classroom and appreciate the opportunity to help my students find their individual paths.