Douglas Britton
Dept. Head & Professor, Geology

Contact LAC, D-347

Education and Background

I am always asked what first interested me in Geology.   During my last year of pursuing a B.S. in Biology, I enrolled in a class on fossils of North America.   The professor was very dynamic and it was obvious that he loved what he was teaching.   The experience and the knowledge I learned in that class fueled my interest.   I finished my Biology degree in 1985 at Loma Linda University and went on completing an M.S. degree in Geology in 1988.   I took a break from school for about a year and worked as a geologist for a consulting firm here in Long Beach. My wife and I then moved to Wyoming where I completed a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Wyoming.   The journey I’ve taken over the last 20 years relates back to one class, one professor, and of course some dead animals.   I try to bring that same enthusiasm and enjoyment of the material to each class I teach.

I returned to private industry in 1993, where for the next 11 years I worked as a geologist for the environmental consulting firm Earth Tech, Inc. in Long Beach.   I became certified by the State of Wyoming in 1998 and by the State of California in 1999 as a Professional Geologist.   Employed as a consulting geologist was a tremendous experience.   Not only did I get to practice what I studied, but I also learned about business and management.   I learned about working with a diverse group of people (what do you mean you DON’T want to hear another story about rocks??), and I developed writing and public speaking skills.   During this time, I also taught geology courses part-time at Loma Linda University and more recently here at LBCC.   I started teaching full-time in geology at LBCC in 2003.


First my family, my wife Alyce and I were married in 1986 and for the first 15 years we focused on each other and our careers.   About 4 years ago though we decided we were ready for kids.   I have two great little girls, Clare and Rachel, and love being daddy and all that it includes.   Beyond that I love motorcycling (I’ve had Harley’s, dirt bikes, and now a sport bike), camping and hiking, exploring new places and learning, classical, blues, and rock music, astronomy, and read as much as I can.   Recently I’ve started to play the electric guitar, but other than to my little girls, I’m terrible.