Natalie De Moss
Dept. Head & Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

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A picture of Natalie De Moss.

I always knew I wanted to teach mathematics to others. There is a feeling of accomplishment when a tough problem is not only solved but understood. I believe all my students are capable of being successful, even in a class, they may initially be nervous about. Participating in my classroom is about being supported and providing support to each other. We work together as a team as we strengthen our critical thinking skills and challenge ourselves with new material. My classes are taught student-centered: my goal is to help you be successful in math and to also be an overall successful student. You can expect my classroom to be a combination of lectures, in-class activities, and group work. I absolutely love being a part of the Long Beach City College faculty team, and I am grateful for the opportunity to provide a positive mathematical experience for all our students.

“Success in math does not depend on how many answers you know, but by what you do when you don’t know the answer.” – Anonymous