R. Hollenberg
Professor, Philosophy

Contact LAC, T-2363

Professor Hollenberg is a tenured faculty member and has been teaching full-time at LBCC for quite some time! While much of the philosophy curriculum was already established, Professor Hollenberg has created the following courses:  

  • Business Ethics – Phil 16 
  • Symbolic Logic – Phil 22 
  • Intro to Feminist Philosophy – Phil 10 
  • Philosophy of LGBTQIA+ Studies – Phil 1 

The Philosophy of LGBTQIA+ Studies will be offered for the first time this fall, and is part of the curriculum for the Philosophy AA-T, as well as both the Gender and Sexuality Studies certificate of achievement and the Social Justice Studies AA-T.  The Gender and Sexuality Studies certificate was developed in coordination with Professors Crispin-Peralta, Daniels, Heaton-Smith, and Musick. 

In addition to the above courses, Professor Hollenberg has taught, (and continues to teach in some cases): 

  • Intro to Philosophy – Phil 6 
  • Intro to Ethics – Phil 7 
  • Critical Thinking – Phil 11 
  • Intro to Logic – Phil 12 

Professor Hollenberg loves teaching philosophy, and enjoys every semester with LBCC students!