Dianic Wicca Meeting


Dianic Wicca is a religion that worships a Goddess. 

Dianic Wiccans practice magic, and focus on healing from the wounds of patriarchy.

If you are interested in exploring Dianic Wicca, a meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 20th in T-2363 from noon to 1 p.m.

For more information, e-mail: rhollenberg@lbcc.edu

Please note for Accommodations: At least 72 hours prior to the event, (562) 938-4558 (voice), (562) 353-4217 (videophone), & dsps-staff@lbcc.edu // Sign Language Interpreting, please contact Stephanie Bonales at sbonales@lbcc.edu or (562) 938-4918.
Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, 5 business days prior to the event, please contact HR Analyst: Jaymee Hunt 562-938-4547 | j2hunt@lbcc.edu or Sonia Leticia Vélez 562.938.4323 | svelez@lbcc.edu. *requests are based on provider availability*