COVID-19 Update: Moving Most Classes Online
Dr. Mike Muñoz, VP of Student Services


Dear LBCC Students,

Now that Long Beach City College announced that most classes will be moving online out of an abundance of caution in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), I know you have additional questions.

As of today, March 11, there are NO connections to COVID-19 at either campus.

Is LBCC closing? Do I Attend Class Tomorrow?

LBCC is not closed. College facilities are still open, and operations will function as normal. If you have class tomorrow, March 12, please attend class. It is expected that you attend class through March 17 (unless you hear differently from your professor). Again, this announcement is to get students and faculty ready to move online starting Wed., March 18.

Today’s announcement is to let you know that we are gradually moving our in-person classes to online teaching. By Wed., March 18, LBCC will convert most in-person classes to temporary online instruction wherever possible through Canvas and ConferZoom. The anticipated date of return to campus is Mon., April 13. However, this date may change as this health crisis evolves.

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) is in the process of contacting all faculty who provide instruction to students with a disability or chronic illness or injury, to help address any questions regarding course adaptations or accommodations as we move to remote teaching. Students with a disability or chronic illness or injury may also reach out to DSP&S for further support with arranging accommodations as LBCC moves to remote teaching. Please contact DSP&S at (562) 938-4558 (LAC) or (562) 938-3921 (PCC), and

A list of classes that will NOT be moving online will be available on the website by the end of this week.

What Should Students Do Now?

Here is a helpful “Stop the Spread of Germs” infograph in English and Spanish.

Please prepare now for receiving instruction online by reviewing the following:

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Student Technology Help Desk at (562) 938-4250 or

What LBCC Services Will be Open?

Because LBCC is still open, all Student Support Services are available to help you out during this time. Financial Aid, Counseling, Viking Vault, and other student support services will remain open until further notice.

Is My Campus Event Still Going to Take Place?

All Long Beach City College-sponsored events where the public has been invited have been postponed. A list of events that fall in this category will be listed in the website. Re-scheduled event dates will be announced.

What about Traveling During Spring Break?

At this time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people avoid all nonessential travel to counties that are most affected to COVID-19. Check the CDC COVID-19 Information for Travel webpage for up-to-date recommendations. The CDC is also recommending that travelers, particularly those with underlying health issues, defer all cruise ship travel worldwide.

Talking About COVID-19 is Stressing Me Out!

These changes may cause some stress and uncertainty. If you notice someone who has been impacted by the situation created by COVID-19, please remind them that help is available. Student Health Services is available to assist you.

Please visit LBCC’s website for the latest updates, guides to help you get online, tips on keeping healthy and other COVID-19 information.

LBCC continues to monitor this situation and thanks you in advance for your patience and flexibility.

Dr. Mike Muñoz
Vice President
Student Services