COVID-19 Update: Remote Instruction Update
Kathleen Scott, VP of Academic Affairs


Dear Faculty,

First and foremost, I want to thank the faculty for their leadership and empathy to our students during these challenging times. The district’s response team is coordinating FAQ pages and information for faculty, staff, and students by the minute.  Please refer students to the links below so we can provide consistent messages. It is important that we reassure our students that we are responsive to their concerns and needs. 

If you are able to move remotely with your instruction now, you may do so, but please recognize that your students may not be as ready.  As many of you may only have one more day of in-class instruction before Wed., March 18, I would like to present three options for you to consider before we move most of our classes to remote instruction for a period of time.

  • OPTION #1: I’m sure many of your students still have questions on how to access Canvas, Canvas mobile app, and ConferZoom. I urge you to please use your in-person class time as a valuable opportunity to prepare your students as we transition. Resources and guides for you and for your students can all be found at You do not have to use your classroom time to introduce new subject matter.
  • OPTION #2: You can use this face-to-face time to help your students prepare for upcoming exams or major projects or papers as LBCC moves to remote instruction.
  • OPTION #3: You may continue to function your class as usual as part of your learning plan, and you are more than welcome to do so. 

It is extremely important that faculty continue to initiate regular contact with students (announcements, emails, Canvas) before, during, and after the remote instruction period. The campus is still open and remains open for students to access services. For students that may have internet access issues at home, a list of optional access points is being compiled and will be shared shortly. For faculty that have limited technological resources, a separate email for utilizing campus equipment is forthcoming. 

DSP&S continues to provide accommodations for students that need them.  You may have students that seek out new accommodation requests during remote instruction, so please do not hesitate to reach out to DSP&S directly or direct your students to their site. If you have accommodation needs, please contact Human Resources.

As this is an evolving situation, please check your email and/or the LBCC Coronavirus website today and throughout the weekend for updates.

I want to take the time again to express my deep appreciation for your flexibility, teamwork and efforts to assist our students. Thank you very much for your input and suggestions as we work together to navigate this unprecedented situation.


Dr. Kathy Scott, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President
Academic Affairs