COVID-19 Update: Text Messages


Dear Colleagues,

As many faculty members prepare to temporarily teach their classes remotely, and with continually evolving health decisions being announced by public health officials, the COVID-19 Response Team wants to keep our campus community updated.

The COVID-19 Response Team will be sending out communication throughout this situation to provide you with the latest news, updates and answer questions from colleagues. Please see below for today’s update.

Why am I not receiving text messages?

The COVID-19 Response Team sent two messages in the late afternoon of Wed., March 11. If you did not receive these text messages, please follow these directions:

  1. Click here on “Self-service Login” and sign into the Viking employee system.
  2. Click on “Personal Details.” On the left hand menu, click on “Contact Details.”
  3. If you already have your cell phone listed, please click on your number and change the “Type” to “Mobile.”
  4. If you haven’t added your cell phone number, below “Phone,” click on the “+” sign to add your cell phone number. Under “Type” please make sure you label it as a “Mobile” number.

Important: If you don’t identify your cell phone number as a “Mobile” LBCC won’t be able to send you a text.

Help! How do I use Canvas? How do I use ConferZoom?

Please check for resources and tech guides for both faculty and staff. Canvas workshops for faculty at both LAC and PCC have been added. Please check the site for updates and additional workshops.

Thank you! Please check for the latest updates, resources and tips.