Return to Campus Timelines and Working on Campus


Dear LBCC Employees,

To follow up on recent communications from Human Resources to the management team, below are the timelines of when employees are returning to work on campus.  As always, if there are considerations that need the attention of Human Resources related to medical or other concerns that you have, please reach out to either Kristin Olson or Jennifer Ramos.

Also, in light of recent COVID-19 reports in the media, please remember that LBCC has not changed our on-campus health protocols, which are in compliance with the City of Long Beach and Cal/OSHA.

Returning to Work on Campus

  • Essential employees (Management, Classified, and Faculty) continue to work on campus as scheduled.
  • Management Team:
    • June 1: Management Team employees who were working remotely returned to work at least two days a week on campus.
    • August 1: Management Team employees will return to working 100% on campus.
  • Classified Professionals:
    • June 1: Classified professionals may be scheduled to work on campus in a reopened office depending on department needs. 
      • The following offices and programs are open limited hours over the summer: Admissions & Records, Athletics, CalWORKs, Career Center, Cashier, Computer Labs, Counseling, DSPS, Entry Services (Welcome Center, HS Matriculation, First-Year Experience, Viking Summer Voyage, Technology Distributions), EOPS, ESL Learning Center, Financial Aid, Foster Youth (FYSS), Justice Scholars, Math Success Center, Performing Arts, Transfer Center, TRIO Go, Tutoring, Upward Bound, Veterans Services, and Viking Vault.
    • June 1: Those continuing to work remotely may return to work on campus on a voluntary basis, in coordination with their departments.
    • August 1: Classified professionals working remotely will return to work at least two days a week on campus.
    • February 7, 2022: All Classified professionals will return to working 100% on campus.
  • Faculty:
    • June 1: Full Time Faculty not teaching essential labs are welcome to return to work in their offices on a voluntary basis.
    • Fall 2021: Approximately 30% of classes will be offered on-campus or hybrid.
    • Spring 2022: Class schedule will return to pre-COVID levels, with a majority of classes offered on campus.  We will return to standard scheduling practices reflected in the LBCCFA Master Agreement: “No more than 60% of a [full-time] faculty member’s 100% standard teaching load may be online.”  Any exceptions need to be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Current On-Campus Health Protocols

  • Face Coverings: All employees, students, and vendors/visitors are still required to wear face coverings on campus (indoors and outdoors) regardless of vaccination status. Employees are allowed to take off their masks only when they are working alone in an office with a door closed. 
  • Six-foot Distancing: All employees, students, and vendors/visitors still must maintain six-foot physical distancing when on campus.
  • Health Screening: All employees, students, and vendors/visitors are still required to complete the online health screening every day they come to campus.  It is available on under Quicklinks—Viking Health Screening.  Students additionally must check in at a health screening station every day they arrive on campus.
  • Meetings: Employees should continue to meet with employees or students remotely.
  • Essential Personnel List: The District still must maintain the essential personnel list. Please be sure to coordinate with your Vice President’s office to make sure your schedule (days, times, specific locations on campus) is submitted at least a week in advance.  For those who do not report to a Vice President’s area, you may contact Erin Murphy at 

It is especially important to continue following the protocols as we expand on-campus operations. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We will update you as soon as there are changes to the protocols.