Update on Uploading Test Results, Test Early and Go to Viking Health Screening Booth


We are so excited to see you on campus next week as classes begin. This is a new beginning for many of our LBCC faculty and staff as well because they have been working and teaching from home since March of 2020. So, we will all be experiencing change in how we are used to doing things at LBCC.

And while change is good, change takes patience and understanding. When you arrive on campus next week there will be a lot to comprehend in our efforts to all stay healthy and safe. If you are taking in-person classes or if you are going to use services on campus, there are some requests we need to make of you. 

Here are a few reminders, updates and suggestions to keep in mind as we begin the new semester.


Take Your Test Before Your First Class OR Before You Visit Campus

Long Beach City College requires all Fall 2021 students to be either fully vaccinated or take weekly COVID-19 testing if they are taking an in-person class or if they are going to be on campus to use any services in-person (i.e. Library, Student Success Center, Financial Aid).

If your first in-person class starts during the week of Aug. 30, you need to take your first COVID-19 test during the week of Aug. 23 to be approved to attend class. Students should take advantage of the following resources to secure a free COVID test off-campus 72 hours before your first class.

Here are some resources of some off-campus COVID-19 testing:

Upload Your Test Results Starting Today

Starting today, Aug. 26, you can upload your weekly COVID-19 test to the Viking Student System. Click on the Student Service tile and then click on the Student Health Information. We apologize in this delay and thank you for understanding as we have been working on implementing this new system.

Need Help With Uploading the Test Results?

If you need technical assistance with submitting testing results, you can contact the Student Technology Help Desk at (562) 938-4250.

How to Upload Your Vaccination Verification

Here are the directions on how to update your COVID vaccination record on your desktop and on your mobile.

We’ll Contact You If There are Any Issues

You will not get a confirmation after you upload your vaccination verification or your test results. LBCC will contact YOU if there are any issues.

Free Weekly COVID-19 Testing On-Campus Starts Aug. 30

Starting the first day of classes, Mon., Aug. 30, LBCC will provide free weekly COVID testing conducted by Virus Geeks on-campus. Please click here and click on the “Vaccination & Testing Mandate” tab for more info.


Take the Viking Health Screening Form the Day You Visit Campus

Please fill out the Viking Health Screening form the day you visit campus (prior to you stepping on campus). After you complete it, take a screenshot on your cell phone or tablet, or print it out. You will need to show this at the Viking Health Screening table.


Arrive at Least 30 Minutes Early

We highly recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes early prior to your class or your appointment with the on-campus service. LBCC wants to make sure that you have ample time to go through the Viking Health Screening table.


You Still Need a Mask 

Students are required to wear a face covering (mask), regardless of vaccination status, while indoors and in public areas on campus. 


Go to the Viking Health Screening When You Arrive on Campus

Before students can attend their class or use an on-campus service, you must check in at one of the multiple screening stations at either LAC or PCC to obtain a daily clearance. You will receive a sticker or wristband that indicates you have been cleared as vaccinated or have a negative weekly COVID test. These booths will be open at 7:30 a.m.

At first, you might see lines at the screening tables, and that often make us anxious. You might get stressed and confused. It’s okay. Don’t worry. You will also see people who only want to help you. We’ve also communicated with our faculty to make them aware that you might be delayed due to the Health Screening.

One Last Piece of Advice

LBCC staff will have “boots on the ground” to help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your instructors are aware of the extra steps students will need to take when arriving on campus. They too will need patience and will practice flexibility these first few days as we all get adjusted to new protocols. Just give yourself plenty of time before class when arriving on campus to check-in for the health screening, and to scope out where your classes are.

We also have a lot of information that might answer your questions on our Return to Campus website, Info for Student section.

Let’s all continue navigating this journey together and have compassion for one another.

 LBCC will continuously post updates and/or changes to the guidance throughout the semester, so for the most up-to-date information please visit https://www.lbcc.edu/return-campus. Here’s to a rewarding academic year! We know we can do it, together!