Use Virus Geeks for COVID-19 Testing


Easiest Way to Take the COVID-19 Test? Virus Geeks at LBCC!

If you are a student who needs to be on campus and is not fully vaccinated, you will need to be tested weekly for COVID-19. LBCC provides free weekly COVID testing conducted by Virus Geeks on-campus. Please click here and click on the “Vaccination & Testing Mandate” tab for more info.

Here are the reasons why you should go through Virus Geeks:

  • This service is free to LBCC students and is conveniently located at 2 locations at PCC and 2 locations at LAC. Both campuses have walk-up and drive-up sites.
  • You don’t have to upload the results. Virus Geeks uploads your test results and sends them directly to LBCC.
  • Virus Geeks is quick. It takes just 30 seconds to test you.
  • Registration is also easy! It will take just one minute for you to sign up.

Need More Help?

Many of your questions might be answered if you visit the Return to the Campus website. LBCC also has a section specifically for students. In addition, LBCC staff will be walking around campus, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! You can also find out which services are open on campus through the Return to Campus, What’s Open page.