1098-T Statement


Long Beach City College is required to provide an informational return, IRS form 1098-T, to all eligible students as defined by IRS tax code.  After January 31st, you can access your form 1098-T on your Viking Student Portal. This will alert you to the possibility that you or your parents may be eligible for federal income tax credits that could reduce your 2022 federal income tax liability. 

The American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits help families reduce out-of-pocket expenses for tuition and certain expenses paid to a post-secondary institution that participates in federal student aid programs. 

Although the college has provided this information, the calculation of the tax credit earned should be obtained through IRS Publication 970 and IRS Form 8863 or your personal tax advisor.  The IRS phone number is 1-800-829-1040. 

If your SSN or TIN is incorrect or not listed on your 1098-T, it is important to submit your corrected information to the Admission & Records office promptly. 

  1. Complete Student Information Correction (You can also locate this documentation at www.lbcc.edu > Admissions & Records > Admissions & Records Forms.)
  2. Once you are ready to submit the Name, Date of Birth & SSN Change Form, please upload it here.

To View your 1098-T, please log into your Student Viking Portal; click on Student Viking System > Student Account > Account Services > View 1098-T 

Long Beach City College staff cannot provide you with tax advice or assistance related to the credit or how to claim the credit.  For assistance, please contact a tax professional or refer to IRS Publication 970.  If you have questions, you may call the Cashiers office at 562-938-4455.   


Commonly asked questions concerning your 1098-T financial data reported by the school: 

Why are the amounts listed on my 1098-T different than the payments made for the year? 

  • The financial data is for payments made during the tax year.  Any payments made before January 1st, or after December 31st, will not appear on the 1098-T. 
  • Refunds paid during the tax year for prior year’s payments are included in the financial data. 
  • Parking, health, student representation fee, and college service card fees are not eligible expenses and not included in the reported data. 

 Why didn’t I receive a 1098-T?  I attended classes during the year. 

  • You did not include your social security number on your college application. 
  • You completed less than three units during the tax year. 
  • You did not make any eligible payments during the tax year. Individual students are responsible for the accuracy of the data of the payments made during the tax year. 

If you made eligible payments during the year, you may view your data on your LBCC Student Viking System.   

Individual students are responsible for the accuracy of the data.  

Resource Links

IRS Publication 970 - A link to the IRS website relating to Tax Benefits for Education 

IRS Form 8863 – A link to the IRS Tax form 8863