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Articles & Websites

  • Authentic Assessment Toolbox -  A how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning.
  • Assessment Commons - An open learning space that curates content for faculty and assessment professionals through resources and tools for student learning outcomes assessment, teaching and learning, program review and accreditation.
  • National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment – Discovers ways that academic programs and institutions can productively use assessment data internally to inform and strengthen undergraduate education, and externally to communicate with policy makers, families, and other stakeholders.
  • Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation - This peer-reviewed online journal provides access to a plethora of information on every facet of the assessment process, especially in regard to methodologies.
  • UC San Diego Assessment - UC San Diego supplies readers with access to their student learning outcome statements for all departments, which are great examples to reference when creating program level learning outcomes.
  • University of Hawaii, Manoa Assessment - The University of Hawaii at Manoa has a plethora of helpful assessment materials. Particularly useful to faculty is there information regarding assessment methods and the methods templates they provide for faculty to use.