Assessment & Orientation FAQs



1. What is a Full Assessment?

At Long Beach City College the full assessment test is a three-section computerized test composed of English (sentence skills), Reading Comprehension and Math. Results of the test will establish the foundation courses you will need for your success at LBCC. New students MUST take the full assessment, it is an open testing and therefore NO appointment is needed. For a complete Assessment schedule, please visit or call LAC (562)938-4049 or PCC (562)938-3920.

2. What is an Individual Assessment?

We only offer English/Essay and Chemistry Individual Assessments.The English/Essay requires the student to hand write an essay and the Chemistry Assessment is a paper & pencil test.Students MUST make an appointment by calling the Assessment Office at LAC (562) 938-4049 or PCC (562) 938-3920. The schedule is not available online.

3. How long is the assessment?

The Full Assessment is NOT timed, most students complete the assessment within 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours.You may leave as soon as you complete all three sections.The Individual English/Essay is 40 minutes and the Individual Chemistry is 45 minutes.

4. Can I bring a calculator for the Math and/or Chemistry section of the assessment?

Yes, only for the Chemistry Assessment but it MUST be a basic calculator (NOT a scientific calculator).For Math, you cannot bring a calculator; the Accuplacer Math Computerized Assessment will provide a calculator only when the test allows you to use it.

5. I cannot make it to my Individual Assessment appointment. How do I cancel?

Seating is limited. In order to serve as many students as possible, we appreciate students to honor their testing appointments. Please do not register for an assessment unless you are certain you can make it. To cancel your individual assessment, please call our office at LAC (562) 938-4049 or at PCC (562) 938-3920.

6. I forgot my appointment date and I made my appointment over the phone. How can I check when it is?

Call or visit the campus where you made the appointment, LAC Bldg. A1040 (562) 939-4049 or PCC Bldg. LL206 (562) 938-3270.

7. I took my assessment test at PCC; will my results be valid for both campuses?

Yes, Long Beach City College is one college with two campuses: LAC (located on Clark and Carson) and PCC (located on PCH and Orange). As an LBCC student, you are able to enroll in classes at both campuses, utilize the services at both campuses and, as such, your assessment test scores are valid at both campuses.

8. I took the full assessment more than 2 years ago. Do I need to retake the assessment test?

Yes, the Long Beach City College Assessment test is designed to help students by placing them in the courses in which they will be most successful. If your test scores are more than two years old AND you have not enrolled into a Reading, Math, and/or English class based on your last Assessment Results we strongly recommend that you retake the Assessment(s).

9. I took an Assessment at another community college in California. Do I need to test for LBCC?

LBCC’s Assessment Office accepts assessment scores from other California Community colleges that administer the Accuplacer Placement. These scores must be less than two years old. Students must fill out Form C: Assessment from Other California Community Colleges and submit the actual RAW score printout from the other college’s Assessment Office.

10. I attend a four-year college and/or university. Do I need to take the LBCC Assessment Test? 

Some students who are currently enrolled in four-year college and/or universities wishing to take classes at LBCC may not need to take the LBCC assessment test. Co-enrolled students are EXEMPT from assessment if you are currently enrolled in another college/university and have passed at least one English and one Math class with a passing grade of “C” or better.


11. What is orientation?

Online Orientation is MANDATORY for ALL new students. Orientation provides an introduction to Long Beach City College and important information about the many educational options at LBCC, general education requirements, graduation proficiencies and student support services.

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, log into your Viking Student System and click the online orientation link located in the LBCC Online Services box 


12. Do I make an appointment with a counselor before taking the assessment test?

No – Long Beach City College recommends that you wait until after you have taken an assessment test to see a counselor. At your counseling appointment, you will use your test scores to make an educational plan (the semester-by-semester guide you will follow to achieve your educational goal).

13. I was sent a card which states that I have been placed in ESL, but I speak English. What does this mean?

We would like you to be successful and even though you may be familiar with English, your test result indicate that you will benefit from English as a Second Language courses. These are intended to improve your English skills and assist you in achieving your academic goals.

14. What is PCC and where is located?

Long Beach City College is one school with two campuses: LAC (4901 E. Carson St., Long Beach, CA 90808) and PCC (1305 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90806). As an LBCC student, you are able to enroll in classes and utilize the services at both campuses.

15. Does LBCC administer the Ability to Benefit (ATB) test?

NO, unfortunately at this time LBCC does not administer the ATB test.

16. Does LBCC administer the GED Test?

No, unfortunately at this time LBCC does not offer any type of GED testing.