In order to enroll in English, Reading, or Math courses at LBCC, students must have course placements on record in the Viking Student System. LBCC does not administer a formal assessment to determine course placements in English, Reading, and Math. Rather, LBCC uses information that is gathered at the time of application, or through a high school transcript, to create placements for a student. Specifically, LBCC creates placements in the following ways:

  1. Through self-reported high school information at the time of application using CCC Apply (students are asked to provide their high school cumulative GPA, the highest level of English and Math they took, and the grades they earned in each of those courses)
  2. For LBUSD partner school districts LBCC receives high school data directly from the school district and uses that information to generate a placement
  3. For students for whom high school transcript data is not available, or they graduated high school more than 10 years ago, the Guided Placement Tool will be used to establish placements in English, Reading, and Math.