Education Course Orientation & Teaching Pathway


For students enrolled in EDUC 10, Introduction to Teaching and Learning, EDUC 130 Introduction to Secondary Classroom Teaching, or EDUC 20 Intro to Elementary Classroom Teaching, please plan to attend a required orientation workshop prior to or at the start of the semester. Interested in learning about the pathway to teaching careers? You are also strongly encouraged to attend an orientation to learn more about our program and how to become a teacher in California. Orientation dates are published on our program calendar of events (updated each fall and spring semester) as well as on the LBCC Calendar of Events.

Tomorrow’s Teachers Registration Process

Registration is completed online. Fill out the Tomorrow’s Teachers Registration Form only after you attend a required Orientation and are assigned to a District type (LBUSD or non-LBUSD).

LBUSD Placed Students: Protocols will be shared directly with LBCC Education Course fieldwork students once the student attends the required Program Orientation. 


Starting fall 2023, students in a fieldwork EDUC course (EDUC 10, 20 and 130) will enroll in a co-requisite course called Teacher Preparation Orientation (EDUC 250 or 650). This course will assist you with procedures to obtain clearances for fieldwork placement.

It is strongly suggested to complete Steps 1-4 before your Program Orientation session.

STEP 1: Suggestion - Set up a free student Microsoft Office Account including Viking Student Email Address.

STEP 2: TB Test: Contact LBCC Student Health for no-cost TB Test appointment. You may use a prior TB test if less than 4 months old for most districts. LBUSD requires a TB test no more than 60 days old from date of submitting LBUSD online registration.

STEP 3: Complete the Liability Waiver Form.

STEP 4: Complete Mandated Reporter Training if not yet completed for our program. Select the 2 hour “Volunteers” training. Contact instructor if you have a recent training certificate from your current employer.

You must be done with steps 1-4 and have attended the required Program Orientation before moving on. (Your fieldwork school district placement type must be identified first at orientation.)

STEP 5: Complete our Online Tomorrow’s Teachers Registration Process by uploading clearances to your Canvas Teacher Prep. Orientation shell for EDUC 250 or 650 class. If you have already been cleared in a previous LBCC EDUC fieldwork course, contact the department for expedited fieldwork placement. This may include a different Livescan process or require a new TB test.

  • Students who will complete LBUSD fieldwork will be instructed to submit the online form for Tomorrow’s Teachers AND to also complete online registration through LBUSD at the Program Orientation meeting. LBUSD-placed students will Livescan fingerprint through LBUSD via appointment at the LBUSD District Office at 1515 Hughes Way in Long Beach. LBUSD’s custom online registration form/fingerprint appointment links are provided at Orientation.
  • Students who will complete fieldwork in other participating school districts will mark the districts they are able to volunteer in on the Tomorrow’s Teachers Registration online form. Students placed in these school districts will Livescan and submit for a Certificate of Clearance. 
    • Print and complete the Livescan Form.
    • Take the completed Livescan form along with your CA ID/DL to a Livescan vendor. If LBCC has a grant, we will notify students of our fee voucher on a first come, first served basis and those students will Livescan only at our contracted Vendor’s office.
    • Follow the steps in the instruction sheet to then request a CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing “Certificate of Clearance”. There is a fee. The C.O.C. is required for University educator programs and lasts for 5 years.

(For students using our fee voucher, please note that we are updating our vendor contract and will share information directly with students who will use this service through their EDUC 250/650 Orientation course &/or email.)


Students taking EDUC 20 in special summer offerings may have a slightly different protocol to be placed in LBUSD Summer SEAL programs and have daily fieldwork during the term while summer school runs.  You will need to be available for to volunteer for about four weeks in the school setting while taking your 6 week EDUC course.  Students with LBUSD high school dual enrolled status do not need to submit certain clearances. In your orientation course you will receive instructions for your individual protocols.


The Fieldwork Handbook contains guidelines for participation in fieldwork as well as information about the Field Placement Confirmation Form, Fieldwork Hours Log, and Final Evaluation that are filled out to confirm satisfactory completion of fieldwork. This handbook describes guidelines for school districts, coordinators and supervising teachers as well.