Education Course Orientation & Teaching Pathway


For students enrolled in EDUC 10, Introduction to Teaching and Learning, EDUC 130 Introduction to Secondary Classroom Teaching, or EDUC 20 Intro to Elementary Classroom Teaching, please plan to attend a required orientation workshop prior to or at the start of the semester.  Interested in learning about the pathway to teaching careers?  You are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation to learn more about our program and how to become a teacher in California.  Education Course Orientation dates are published on our program calendar of events (updated each fall and spring semester) as well as on the LBCC Calendar of Events. 

Tomorrow’s Teachers Registration Process

Enrolled students in EDUC 10, EDUC 130 and EDUC 20 courses register and receive clearances in order to participate in required fieldwork that invites students to volunteer and observe in a public school classroom. EDUC students, especially in EDUC 10 and EDUC 130, often self-place in a TK-8 or 6-12 school site, while EDUC 20 students most often are assigned to elementary school sites. Fieldwork placement varies each semester pending local TK-12 School District availability.

STEP 1: Complete a Registration Packet

EDUC Students: Registration packets should be downloaded, filled out, including attached TB tests, and submitted to your instructor. During the switch to distance learning/online instruction, students may complete alternative fieldwork online in place of in-person or virtual fieldwork in a public school classroom. However, beginning in fall 2021 we expect to place students in-person at school sites again.

STEP 2: Get a Livescan Fee Voucher or LBUSD Livescan form

A voucher for Livescan (background check to fingerprint) will be given to enrolled students in a first-come, first-served manner after attendance to the required course orientation before class begins. Livescan must be completed as early as possible as it may take many weeks to process your clearance. Students may be required to obtain a CTC Certificate of Clearance in the future. Please attend a current orientation for the most up-to-date process and do not Livescan without the approved paperwork provided through the orientation.

Please note: There is a chance that a small percentage of students are ineligible to volunteer or will not clear. For more information about clearance ineligibility, visit Fingerprint Information.

Step 3: Submit TB Risk Assessment or TB Test Results

Students can submit a TB risk assessment or test result that is no older than 4 years (some districts need a more recent test of less than 4 months). Current students may visit the LBCC Student Health Services Office at LAC or PCC by appointment for no-cost assessments Monday thru Wednesday. Walk-in clinic hours are often offered at the very start of each fall and spring semester.

Fieldwork Handbook

The Fieldwork Handbook contains guidelines for participation in fieldwork as well as the Field Placement Confirmation Form, Fieldwork Hours Log, and Final Evaluation.  This handbook describes guidelines for school districts, coordinators and supervising teachers as well.