First Time Electrical Student Begin Here


Students interested in the Electrical Technology program are required to enroll in and complete the Elect 600, Electrical Program & Safety Preparation, course prior to registering for any electrical classes. Exceptions to this requirement are made for students in Carpentry, Sheet Metal, or other non-electrical trades programs who want to enroll in ELECT 202; and or Elect 253. These students may contact  Scott Fraser at and Suzanne Engelhardt at for the Prerequisite Waiver form. 

During the Elect 600, Electrical Program & Safety Preparation, students will have the opportunity to complete a 50 question online electrical math test that will be used as an advisory tool for choosing the appropriate electrical math class. Students who have completed any college math classes should be prepared to upload unofficial transcripts during the course so that their classes can be evaluated as substitutes for the Electrical math classes. Students may switch from the day or evening programs with instructor and Department Head approvals.

Faculty recommends that students that are eligible enroll in ENGL 801A and READ 881 before joining the program. In addition, students should have a valid CPR card or concurrent enrollment in a CPR class while participating in the Electrical Technology.


Safety Requirements and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following industry-driven safety standards for student Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be enforced in all ELECT and CISCO Classes.  

  • Closed-toe shoes, long pants, and shirts with sleeves must be worn in all classes, lectures, and labs, no exceptions. 
  • Safety glasses must be worn in all lab classes. 
  • Students not meeting these minimum requirements will be asked to immediately leave the classroom. 

NOTICE:  Students enrolled in the Carpentry, Sheet Metal or other non-electrical trades programs that would like to enroll in ELECT 202, and or Elect 253 do not need to attend the Elect 600, Electrical Program & Safety Preparation course. You will need to request a Prerequisite Waiver form from Scott Fraser and Suzanne Engelhardt in order to bypass this requirement.