Honors Program FAQ


How are Honors classes different?

General education honors courses have as few as 13 students and offer more intensive study than is normally possible.

Over the years, several courses in Anthropology, Art, Biology 20, Communication Studies, Economics, English, Geology, History, Interdisciplinary Seminar, Math, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Science and Statistics as honors courses.

In addition, honors courses sometimes offer an extensive approach to knowledge by considering the interconnections between disciplines and fields of knowledge. Guest speakers and field trips enhance this approach. Other extensive possibilities are available because many honors classes are scheduled with instructors from different disciplines working together to encourage students to explore multidisciplinary concerns, as they fulfill the general education requirement.

What is the difference between AGS, PTK, and the Honors Program?

AGS and PTK are honors societies. To find out more about either club, contact Student Life. The Honors Program is an academic program.

How does an Honors student earn priority registration?

One of the benefits of the Honors Program is that Honors students who have completed at least one Honors course are eligible for priority registration. In order to be eligible, students must be in good standing with the Honors Program:

  • Must maintain a GPA of at least 3.25 (courses taken C/NC are calculated as a C).
  • Must enroll in at least one Honors course each fall and each spring semester.
  • Must be enrolled in an Honors course for the semester immediately preceding the enrollment semester (Spring enrollment to be eligible for Fall priority registration and Fall enrollment to be eligible for Spring priority registration).
  • Must complete English 1H and English 3H during the first two semesters in the Honors Program.
  • Must attend the Honors Program orientation session each year.
  • Must submit the Honors Program paperwork each year.
  • Must meet with an Honors counselor at least once each semester.
  • Must maintain standards of academic integrity and collegiality.
  • May not withdraw from or fail (D or lower) Honors courses.

In addition, Honors students must meet the college’s requirements:

  • Must have completed the assessment tests.
  • Must have completed online orientation.
  • Must have an electronic Student Educational Plan (SEP) on file.
  • May not have completed 100+ units.

Do all of the general education classes have an Honors section?

No, only selected classes. Most Honors classes transfer to UC and fulfill requirements for Plans A, B, and C.

Are Honors classes offered every semester?

No, not all Honors classes are offered every semester. But most Honors classes are offered on a regular cycle. Honors classes offered during the fall semester one year are likely to be offered the next fall semester, and Honors classes offered during the spring semester are likely to be offered the next spring semester. Refer to the Class Schedule for specific offerings.

Are there any summer or winter classes?

No. There are no Summer or Winter Session classes.

Are there any evening classes?

Some classes are offered in the evening.

Are there any classes at PCC?

Sometimes a class is offered at PCC.

Are there any online classes?

No, we don’t have any online classes.

Can I take the Honors section of a regular class that I already completed?

No. The school does not allow it. For example, if you already took English 1, then you can’t take English 1H.

What is the class size of Honors classes?

An Honors class has between 13 and 24 students.

If I decide that the Honors Program is not for me, can I change my mind without being penalized?

Yes. Just let us know. The only “penalty” is that you will not be enrolled in Honors courses.

What if I can’t complete five Honors classes?

You must complete five Honors courses with a 3.0 GPA in order to be certified as having completed the Honors Program, but if you are unable to complete five Honors courses, you will still have Honors designation on your transcript for each Honors course that you complete. You have access to all Honors privileges as long as you remain active in the program.

Can I skip a semester and not take an Honors class?

It is a required that you take an Honors class each semester. If for some reason you can’t, then you must consult with the Honors Program Coordinator in order to qualify for a one-time waiver.

Once I complete my five Honors classes, am I still in the Honors Program?

As long as you are attending LBCC, you are considered part of the Honors Program.

Can I take more than five Honors classes?

Yes, you can take as many Honors classes as you want.

How many Honors classes can I take each semester?

We recommend no more than two Honors classes, but you can take as many as you want.

Do I have to be a full-time student?

No, you don’t need to be a full-time student.

Do you cap the number of students you admit to the Honors Program?

No, we don’t.

Do I need to apply each semester?

No, once you are accepted into the program, you don’t need to apply each semester to stay in the program.