LBCCD Board Goals


Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Innovate to Achieve Equitable Success
  • Update and monitor the District’s Strategic Plan to ensure equitable student success.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Student Equity Plan.
  • Oversee the recovery from the disruptions caused by the ongoing pandemic and ensure the recovery affects all students equitably.
  • Monitor new federal and state legislation to ensure District compliance.
Strategic Goal 2: Accelerate College Readiness and Close Equity Gaps
  • Monitor strategies for improving college and career readiness and success of the District’s diverse student population, including but not limited to, students of color, women, LGBTQ, veterans, disabled students, and disadvantaged and hard to reach communities.
  • Support measures and allocate resources for programs that address barriers to educational success, including housing and food insecurity.
Strategic Goal 3: Build Community
  • Improve Board governance by maintaining a well-functioning Board, and adhering to principles of effective Boardsmanship.
  • Cooperate and improve Board performance.
  • Establish policies that ensure the District operates in an anti-racist manner.
Strategic Goal 4: Invest in People and Support Structures for Transformation
  • Support strategies that ensure the long-term fiscal health of the district, including strategies that improve access and affordability for all students.
  • Develop strong relationships that ensure the success of the Superintendent-President, the Board, and the District.
  • Instill and promote a culture of care that values diversity, community, and collaboration among all members of the College community.
Board approved 8-24-22