List of LBUSD Schools


The LBUSD schools listed below have district approval on file to submit a Dual Enrollment Form without the additional signatures from a Principal/Designee. Please note that this approval does not extend to Charter Schools in the city of Long Beach. Those schools are still required to obtain approval from their Principal/Designee to participate.  

High Schools

  • Avalon School (TK-12)
  • Browning Early College (BHS) 
  • Cabrillo High School 
  • California Academy of Math and Science (CAMS)  
  • Educational Partnership High School (EPHS) 
  • Jordan High School 
  • Lakewood High School  
  • Long Beach School for Adults (LBSA) 
  • McBride High School 
  • Millikan High School 
  • Poly Academy of Achievers and Leaders (PAAL) 
  • Polytechnic High School (Poly) 
  • Reid High School 
  • Renaissance High School for the Arts 
  • Sato Academy of Math & Science 
  • Woodrow Wilson High School 

Middle Schools

  • Bancroft Middle School 
  • Franklin Middle School 
  • Hamilton Middle School 
  • Hoover Middle School 
  • Hughes Middle School 
  • Jefferson Leadership Academy  
  • Keller Dual Immersion Middle School 
  • Lindbergh STEM Academy  
  • Lindsey Academy (6-8) 
  • Marshall Academy of the Arts 
  • Nelson Academy  
  • Rogers Middle School 
  • Stanford Middle School 
  • Stephens Middle School 
  • Washington Middle School 

K-8 Schools

Dual Enrollment is only applicable for 6-8th graders.

  • Colin Powell Academy for Success 
  • Cubberley K-8 School 
  • Jackie Robinson K-8 Academy  
  • Muir Academy 
  • Newcomb K-8 Academy  
  • Powell Academy for Success 
  • Robinson Academy 
  • Tincher Preparatory School