Netiquette Guidelines for Online Students

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The following Netiquette Guidelines are suggestions for success in your online learning environment at Long Beach City College.

1. Show Professionalism and Courtesy

Netiquette is the communication code of conduct we practice in an online space. Remember that most of what you write will be seen by other people in this class, so please do not write anything that you would rather keep private and be mindful of the diverse opinions and experiences represented in a classroom space.  Please exhibit the same professionalism and respect in the online class as you would in the workplace or in person.

2. Use Correct Spelling and Grammar

Adhere to correct spelling and grammar rules. It is good practice to compose your message in a word processing program where you can check your spelling and grammar prior to sending. Avoid typing in all capital letters, as this is considered to be shouting (flaming). Avoid abbreviations and informal language (“I’ll C U L8R”).

3. Use a Positive Tone

Before hitting the Send or Submit button, review your message. The ease and speed of the Internet makes it easy to say something you will regret later. Remember: You are communicating with other human beings, with feelings, sensitivities, and opinions. When composing a message, ask yourself, “Would I say this to the person face-to-face?”

4. Follow the Course Discussion Board Guidelines

Make sure that you are posting under the correct discussion topic and read all postings in that topic prior to posting your message. Keep in mind that different instructors may have different guidelines for participation and grading.

5. Be Respectful of Others’ Time

Think carefully about who the recipients of your email should be. Avoid sending an email to the entire class, unless you feel that everyone must read it. Use descriptive subject lines for email messages and discussion board postings. Check the syllabus and course policies stated by your instructor to know what to expect about your instructor’s turnaround time for responding.

6. Know Where You Are in Cyberspace

Canvas courses are our classrooms. You are sharing this academic space with peers who, like you, are focused on achieving their learning goals. Remember to keep conversations and observations connected to course material.

Thoughtful participation is an important part of your success as a student. Please be aware of LBCC’s formal policy regarding student conduct which prohibits the following: Disorderly, lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct. Conduct which disrupts orderly operation of the college, or which disrupts educational activities of individual members of the college community including, but not limited to, the harassment of another member of the college community based on race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. For more information, please see:

Software Usage

The course software and server are property of the Long Beach City College. Use of the electronic communication tools, such as chat, discussion boards, or email for personal gain or gain on behalf of other individuals or organizations or for soliciting funds for charity, non-profit organizations, schools, or other businesses is prohibited.