Online Learning FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I am ready to take an online course?

An online course by its very nature requires minimum proficiency levels in certain areas. The Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET) department has provided a Preparing for Online Learning page for students new to Online Learning. On it you will find several resources that will help you prepare for and succeed in an Online or Hybrid course, as well as interactive tutorials designed to help you increase your chances of success.

How do I access my online class?

All online learning classes are on the LBCC Student Learning Management System (LMS). Log in with your Viking Student System ID and password. Your instructor may use another website to teach the course; if so he or she will email you with information and access instructions. If you have questions about accessing a different learning management system, contact your instructor.  

How can I find out which Online Learning classes are offered at LBCC this semester?

Find information about how to search for Online and Hybrid classes on the LBCC Online Learning  website.

How do I enroll in an Online Learning class? Do I have to come to campus to enroll?

Start the application process by applying to LBCC online. Once you have successfully completed your online application, you should receive an email with your student ID number and instructions for creating your password. You may call the registration office at (562) 938-4485 (after three business days) to inquire if you do not receive the email. After your are an enrolled student and have your Student ID number and password, you can register for Online classes on the Viking Student System. 

Is there anything else I need to do when registering for a DL class?

Yes, when registering, make sure and update your email address in the Viking Student System. It is important that you select Email Type HOME and check the “Preferred” box next to the email address you will be using to communicate with your instructors. This is how your Distance Learning instructors will deliver important information to you prior to beginning your course. 
Instructions for Updating your Email Address 

I am on a waitlist for an online class. What do I do now?

As a seat becomes available, students will automatically be enrolled. You will NOT be notified if you are auto-enrolled into a course. Check your status in the Viking Student System daily. If a seat does not become available by the day before class begins, remain on the Wait List and attend the first class meeting if it is a Hybrid class, or email the instructor if it is an Online class to request a permission number. 

How can I obtain a permission number to join an online class after it has already started?

Permission numbers are given out by instructors only. If a class has already started, you can request a permission number by emailing your instructor. Use this number when you register. Instructors can only add you if there is space still available in the class, and it is only at their discretion to do so. Keep in mind also that instructors must give priority to students that were on the waitlist. 

Am I eligible for financial aid if I take an online class?

Yes, your eligibility for financial aid is the same for taking online class as it is for any other class. For information how apply for financial aid visit the Financial Aid Home Page.

If I enroll in an online class, will I need to come to campus for any reason?  

Only if it is a Hybrid class; Online classes do not have any on-campus requirements. When searching for Online Course Offerings be sure to check the details in the course listing on the schedule of classes about required meetings for Hybrid classes. Some Hybrid classes meet on a weekly basis and others meet a few times on an irregular basis throughout the semester for orientation, exams, etc.

Do I need anything else besides a computer to take an online class?

You’ll need Internet access and a valid email address. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can come to campus to use one of the computers in the Academic Computing Centers, or inquire with the Welcome Center about borrowing a device. 

Are there LBCC resources that are available to me online?

Yes, beyond applying and registering for classes at LBCC online, there are many other LBCC resources available to you as a Distance Learning student. See the LBCC Online Student Services page on the Online Learning website to browse the LBCC services available online to online students.

Who can help me with technical questions and technology support?

The LBCC Student Technology Help Desk (STHD) is available to support all LBCC students with your online course.

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