Requirements for AA Degree & Certificates
Additional requirements for completing degree programs

For State Minimum Requirements (Title 22)

This program satisfies the State of California licensing requirement for employment in early childhood education programs (private, church, industrial, coop).  The minimum Title 22 licensing requirement to work as a teacher is that six units be completed before employment and that an additional six units be completed immediately thereafter. It is recommended that the requirement for courses in DS 1* and DS 2* be satisfied with at least 3-semester units in each category. It is also recommended that a minimum of 6-semester units be taken in the DS 3* Program/Curriculum with the option that if the person is working specifically with infants or school-age children that they should apply three units in DS 4* or DS 5* towards these six units. The DS designation can be found following the course title.

For Child Development Permit (formerly called Children’s Center Permit) (Title 5)

The Early Childhood Certificate program, plus 16 units in general education including one course in humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and/or science, and English, and an experience component, satisfies the requirements for a Teacher level Child Development Permit required to teach in subsidized early childhood education programs (State or Headstart preschool programs run by school districts). To apply for your state Child Development Permit, contact Julie Frumkin for an appointment.