Resources for Program Planning/Review


The following documents are resources to support your program faculty in completing the annual program plan/review template.

Please contact Wendy Koenig (Curriculum Chair), Mike Biggs (Department Plan/Program Review Subcommittee Chair), or Jennifer Holmgren (Director of Planning) if you have any questions about program planning and review.

Resource Request Guidance - This document provides clarification on what resources should and should not be included in your program plan/review resource request list.

Reflections and Progress Updates Examples - This document provides examples on how to respond the reflection and progress updates section of the Program Plan/Review Template when areas may have made progress on some activities since the previous year, but may not have made progress on other activities because they require resources that may have just been funded, or may not have been funded during the previous planning cycle.

Program Plan/Review “Best Practice” Response Examples - This document includes “Best Practice” responses from program plans/reviews that can be referenced as examples of how to respond to the questions within this year’s program plan/review template.