Annual Program Plan & Review Evaluation Cycle​


How often will the Instructional Program Plan and Review evaluation occur?​

In alignment with the College’s Strategic Plan cycle, the Instructional Program Plan and Review evaluation will occur every six years. Since evaluations previously occurred on an annual cycle, the initial multi-year cycle has been extended to eight years in order to align with the College’s upcoming Strategic Planning cycle.​​

When will the evaluation cycle commence?​

The evaluation cycle will begin with the 2020-2021 academic year. The first comprehensive evaluation will occur in 2027-2028.​​

What will be included in the Instructional Program Plan and Review evaluation?​

The instructional program plan and review process (including timelines, training and workshops, resource documents, etc.), the Program Plan and Review Template (including the resource request spreadsheet), the Supplemental Program Review Template, and related Tableau Dashboards will be evaluated for their effectiveness in supporting faculty in analyzing student achievement and learning data and utilizing this data to inform future plans to improve student achievement and learning, as well as to inform resource requests.​​

Why do we need a cycle of evaluation for our planning and program review processes?​

Updating processes on an annual basis does not allow for sufficient time to determine whether or not the current processes are effective. Furthermore, with constant changes on a yearly basis, there is potential for processes to become confusing and inefficient, as individuals are asked to relearn new processes each year. Accreditation standards also require regular review cycles for planning, program review, and resource allocation processes to ensure continuous quality improvement of these processes.​​​