ASB Grants

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The ASB Grant Program is an opportunity to support programs and services serving LBCC students. The annual ASB budget currently supports a number of LBCC programs, yet the ASB Cabinet realizes that one-time, large priced items or projects are limited because of on-going operational expenses.

What type of projects will the ASB be willing to fund?

Some of the criteria which the ASB Cabinet will use in considering applications are: 

  • Need - What is the probability of the proposed project receiving funding from another source? How urgently needed is this project in order to serve the students? 
  • Population Served - Will the project be viewed by the significant portion of the student population of the college as a valid and meaningful expenditure of ASB funds? 
  • Innovation - Is the project the result of a new, different, or exciting idea? Is the project likely to encourage other imaginative ideas? 
  • Matching Funds - Special considerations will be given to projects which include matching funds from sources other than the ASB. Will the funds requested form the ASB be used together with other funds to support the project.

How do I apply?

Complete the ASB Grant Application on Viking Engagement, under Forms.  Spring ASB Grant Apps will be available by the end of March and Fall ASB Grants will be available by the end of October.