BAC Membership
Current Committee Members


It is expected that the committee will draw upon additional resources from the pool of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise as deemed necessary. The membership of the Budget Advisory Committee is comprised as follows:

Name Position
Chris Carter Co-Chair
Betty Miller Co-Chair
Sara Blasetti Academic Senate Representative
James Henchey Academic Senate Representative
Jorge Ochoa Academic Senate Representative
Ali Raisdanai Classified Senate Representative
Kathy Scott VP, Academic Affairs
Rose DelGaudio VP, Human Resources
Kim McGinnis VP, Student Support Services
Claudia Nguyen CHI Representative
Ryan Carroll CCA Representative
Thomas Hamilton AFT Representative
Anthony Moguel Jr. ASB Representative
Nash Nyra ASB Representative
Lee Douglas Deans Representative
Seth Ramchandran Dept. Head Representative
Cindy Baker Finance & Accounting
Sem Chao Budget Officer
John Thompson Fiscal Operations
Heather Van Volkinburg Dean, Institutional Effectiveness