Behavioral Intervention Team

A model of the human brain with a stethoscope.

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) responds to non-emergency, non-imminent concerns. This team serves as the centralized body for discussion and coordinated action regarding students who experience distress or display concerning, problematic, or troubling behavior that could pose a serious risk to themselves or others. The goal is to intervene before a student reaches a crisis level and ensures the safety of both the student and the LBCC community.

Behavioral Intervention Team Composition:

  • VP, Student Support Services: Dr. Nohel Corral
  • Interim Dean, Student Affairs: Deborah Miller-Calvert
  • Director, Student Health and Student Life: Vacant
  • Mental Health Clinician: Dr. Amy La
  • Director, DSPS: Maria Ek Ewell
  • Title IX: Kristen Olson, AVP of Human Resources
  • Interim Director, Student Conduct: Teila Robertson
  • Student Conduct Specialist: Sylvia Garcia
  • Campus Police: Lieutenant Abram Yap
  • Risk Services: Bob Rapoza
  • Environmental Health & Safety: Lubert Iglesia

Referral Procedures

  1. RECORD - What occurred: Date, time, location, student name/ID number, witnesses, communication with other students, attempts to redirect, etc.
  2. REPORT - Send a written recollection of incident(s) and behavior(s) as they occurred to your Department Dean. The report should include all intervention attempts that occurred.
  3. PROVIDE - Documentation and statements that substantiate the desired outcome or course of action. Witness statements must be in writing.

Behavioral Intervention Guide
FERPA/HIPPA Infographic
How to Respond to Students in Distress
Behavioral Intervention Team Workflow