What is the 8-week course? How does it work?

The 8-week course format helps break down the standard 16-week semester into two 8-week sessions. These 8-week sessions are equivalent to a full class but accelerated and meet more often to cover the same content.

Benefits of taking an 8-week course

  • You are able to take two to three classes at a time, earning the same number of credits in a semester as you would taking four to five classes at a time in a 16-week semester. 
  • You are less likely to have class interrupted by complications outside of school since you are taking classes in a shorter block of time. 
  • Studies show that you’re more likely to get better grades. 
  • You can avoid feeling overwhelmed or burnt out since you have less assignments and deadlines to juggle over the course of time. 
  • You get more contact time over the shorter period, developing a stronger relationship with other students and instructors 
  • You can earn your certificate or degree faster. 
  • Fewer classes mean a more manageable schedule for students trying to balance work and family responsibilities.