Committee Functions & Responsibilities



  • Develop and refine a process to communicate with departments and programs when research is being conducted in their area and assist with communication to faculty and staff about Institutional Effectiveness research request process.
  • Define what qualifies as an internal or external research request, and define criteria to accept/prioritize requests for the appropriate use of LBCC resources.
  • Develop and refine an Institutional Review Board (IRB) process for LBCC to review human subject protections of any external research request.
  • Make recommendations to Institutional Effectiveness and other service units dealing with student-level data about practices and policies to protect student privacy.
  • Make recommendations for consistent internal LBCC metric definitions and language, as needed.
  • Provide recommendations/feedback about the presentation of data/research provided to faculty and staff, how to best facilitate data use (analyze and generate action plans), as well as general data use professional development.
  • Provide recommendations to assist faculty in the evaluation and improvement of student learning and achievement.
  • Monitor Strategic Plan Metrics and Benchmarks annually. Recommend revisions as needed.
  • Provide recommendations/feedback to Institutional Effectiveness about best practices of data use for continuous improvement, decision making.

Define data governance and support documentation about data ownership, stewardship, and consistency.