Charge, Membership & Meetings
OER Subcommittee Functions & Responsibilities


At LBCC, the Academic Senate delegates authority of curricular matters to the Curriculum Committee. As such, the Committee is responsible for the development, review, renewal, and recommendation of curriculum to be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The OER subcommittee conducts regular surveys of its educational programs to assess the current utilization of open education resources (OER) and commits to updating this information annually. The subcommittee also consistently reviews the assessment of OER usage, as well as the implementation of zero textbook cost (ZTC) and low textbook cost (LTC) initiatives. Members of the subcommittee serve as valuable resources for activities and initiatives related to the open education movement.

According to Administrative Procedure 4020, the OER subcommittee’s functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Review LBCC OER Implementation Grant applications and recommend funding allocation as needed.
  • Review proposals for OER course materials and evaluate for appropriateness for the level of the course and for accessibility.
  • Review open educational resources on a regular basis for appropriateness in meeting the mission, goals, and objectives of the college and make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee.
  • Provide an annual report that summarizes, analyzes, and evaluates the past year’s OER implementation that includes a listing of OER Implementation grant recipients, OER adoption and activities and accomplishments.