Childcare & Preschool Services
Program & eligibility requirements



General Child CAre Services

Eligibility shall be established by one of the following:
  • The family is income eligible
  • The family is homeless
  • Children who are at risk of abuse, neglect, or receiving Child Protective Services have first priority.
Need shall be established by one of the following:

The parent (including custodial adults and guardians) and any other adult counted in the family size must meet one or more of the following:

  • Employment (including court-ordered community service)
  • Seeking employment (limited to 60 working days during the fiscal year)
  • Vocational training
  • Homeless – seeking permanent housing for the family.
  • Incapacitated – “Parental incapacity” means that the ability of the child’s parent(s) to provide normal care for the child is significantly limited.

State Preschool Program

Eligibility shall be established by the following:
  • Pre-kindergarten children ages three or four (children who will have their 3rd or 4th birthday on or before December 2 of the fiscal year in which they are enrolled in the program)
  • The family’s adjusted monthly income can not exceed the income ceilings established by the CA Department of Education at the time of enrollment except for Child Protective Services children.
Admissions Priorities
  • First Priority for services shall be given to Child Protective Services children or children at risk.
  • After this, priority is given to eligible 4-year-old children with lowest adjustable family income.
  • All eligible 4-year-olds shall be enrolled prior to serving eligible 3-year-olds.
DPSS Cash Aid

Families receiving DPSS cash aid are eligible for the program. For non-DPSS cash aid recipients, your family is eligible if your income is within the ranges of the schedule.

Family Size Family Monthly Income Family Yearly Income
1-2 $4,030 $48,361
3 $4,340 $52,076
4 $4,877 $58,524
5 $5,657 $67,888
6 $6,438 $77,252
7 $6,584 $79,008
8 $6,730 $80,763
9 $6,877 $82,519
10 $7,023 $84,275
11 $7,169 $86,031
12 $7,316 $87,786
This program is free for qualifying families. Please refer to the Monthly Fee Schedule for total amounts.