CPC Membership
Current Council Members


It is expected that the council will draw upon additional resources from the pool of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise as deemed necessary. 

Position Name
Tri-Chair, Administration Nohel Corral
Tri-Chair Academic Senate Suman Mudunuri
Tri-Chair, Classified Senate C.C. Sadler
VP, Human Resources Loy Nashua
VP, Business Services Chip West
VP, Academic Affairs Lee Douglas
VP, Economic and Workforce Development and Governmental Affairs Melissa Infusino
AVP, Pacific Coast Campus Alisia Kirkwood
Chief Innovation Officer Tracy Carmichael
Executive Director, Public Affairs and Marketing Carl Kemp
Academic Senate Executive, Assistant President Christina Charles-Bohannon
Academic Senate Executive, Secretary/Treasurer Trisha Wilging
Academic Senate Executive, LAC Representative Kathryn McMurray
Academic Senate Executive, PCC Representative Lorraine Blouin
Academic Senate Executive, Legislative Liaison Jerome Hunt
Academic Senate Executive, Curriculum Committee Chair Doug Raphael
Academic Senate Executive, Faculty Professional Development Coordinator Verónica I. Álvarez
Classified Senate Executive, Vice President Vacant
Classified Senate Executive, Treasurer LaTonyua Harden
Classified Senate Executive, Secretary Sharon McMahon
Classified Senate Executive, Communications Coordinator Jonathan Tejada
Classified Senate Executive, Executive Senator Benjamin Chase
Classified Senate Executive, Executive Senator Ariane Le
Instructional Dean Representative Kenna Hillman
Student Services Dean Representative Sonia De La Torre
ASB Rep Joseph Polanco
ASB Rep Olivia Daly
LBCCFA Representative Suzanne Engelhart
CHI Representative Vacant
AFT Representative Robert Remeta
AFT Representative Laura Compian
ASLO Coordinator Trisha Wilging
Management Representative Dana Friez
DPPR Subcommittee Chair Samira Habash
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Heather Van Volkinburg
Director, Planning Jennifer Holmgren