Data & Disaggregation


To streamline the data collection process, and simultaneously meet the disaggregation standards set forth by ACCJC, the ASLO Subcommittee is encouraging departments to host their SLO assessments on Canvas, the College’s learning management system. 

When students log into Canvas with their Viking ID and password, they click into the appropriate assessment shell to complete the assessment. It appears on their Canvas dashboard as a unique SLO Assessment course. Since students log in and complete the assessment with their unique ID numbers, utilizing the Canvas also provides the opportunity to disaggregate SLO data.  

According to ASLO’s Student Learning Outcomes Disaggregation Procedure (coming soon), SLO assessment data from Canvas is disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, and modality (face-to-face, online, hybrid courses).  

 The Office of Institutional Effectiveness creates Tableau Dashboards that display the disaggregated SLO assessment data for each SLO that is assessed in Canvas. These dashboards are updated with the most recent SLO assessment data at the end of the fall and spring semesters for use by faculty in analyzing and acting on SLO data.