Data Security Procedures


Institutional Effectiveness accesses student data through a secure data warehouse maintained by IITS. Data presented to internal constituent groups (i.e., faculty and staff) is routed directly from this warehouse to our secure Tableau Online platform where it can only be viewed in dashboards by authorized users who must log in with their email address and password.

Data presented to external stakeholders is publically posted through Tableau Public. All identifying information is removed from back-end data sets for security prior to posting and users are prevented from downloading data sets.

When student data is provided to internal and/or external constituency groups, Institutional Effectiveness will determine the appropriate thresholds to display the data. These thresholds are determined in part based on the sensitivity of the data, as well as to ensure that student-level data is not identifiable.

If you have any questions or concerns about Institutional Effectiveness’ data disaggregation or data security procedures, please contact Dr. Heather Van Volkinburg.