Disaggregation Procedure


What is “SLO disaggregation”?​

Once faculty administer SLO assessments, the SLO data can be disaggregated. Disaggregation is defined as data that is separated into smaller elements or subpopulations for comparison to reveal additional insights.​

Why do we disaggregate SLO assessment data?​

Disaggregated SLO data provides deeper insight into student learning. By analyzing disaggregated data, faculty can identify equity gaps in learning outcomes and determine actions to take to improve student learning and close equity gaps.​

Analysis of disaggregated SLO assessment data aligns with the college’s Principles of Assessment, the guiding philosophy of outcomes assessment for LBCC. In addition, disaggregating SLO assessment data ensures the college meets the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ standards that focus on improving student learning through the analysis of disaggregated SLO data (i.e., Standard I.B.5, Standard I.B.6).​