EMOC Charge
Committee Functions & Responsibilities



Under the framework of Viking Pathways, the EMOC acts as the central coordinating body to review, revise, update, and propose recommendations for the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan in alignment with the College’s Strategic Plan.

  • Review and recommend Enrollment Priorities for each year of the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Work with Institutional Effectiveness to develop effective evaluation strategies to monitor the progress of goals and priorities in the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Leverage college expertise to design effective strategies related to information systems, curriculum and instructional programs, course scheduling, student services, student intervention, recruitment, and marketing.
  • Review enrollment targets and efficiency measurements to optimize enrollment in collaboration with Academic Affairs and Student Support Services.
  • Leverage college expertise to design effective professional development strategies for training the campus community on effective practices of enrollment management.
For a full description of the committee responsibilities, please download the official charge for the Committee.