Enrollment & Requirements


Enrollment Information and Requirements for Full-Semester Fitness & Wellness Center (FWC) classes that meet in R203 at LAC

Overview (be sure to read this carefully & the sections that follow)

During week 1, students must complete an Orientation and two Equipment Introductions (strength and aerobic) or risk being dropped from the class. Starting week 2, and continuing until the end of the semester, students workout in the FWC. Week 3 students attend a mandatory Assessment Introduction. Weeks 5-15, students attend 1- lecture per week. See FWC Course Content

Enroll in FWC classes PEPF 83AD/84AD (2-units) or PEPF 81AD (1-unit) that meet in R203 at LAC. Be sure the class location is R203 because some of the course sections–listed in the schedule of classes under Fitness & Wellness–meet elsewhere for specific populations. Prior to the first week, you can enroll without a permission number. Starting the first week, you must have a permission number to enroll: permission numbers are only given to students who complete an Orientation. Our classes are closed after the first week. Call the FWC (562-938-4029) if you are having difficulty enrolling.

Attend Orientation in FWC

All students new to the Fitness & Wellness Center must attend a 10-11am Orientation any day Monday through Saturday the first week of the semester. Students who have only completed a Summer FWC class must also attend an Orientation. Orientations cover the course syllabus and requirements of the class. Students who fail to attend an Orientation risk being dropped.

Attend Equipment Introductions 

New FWC students must complete a 1-hour Strength Equipment Introduction and a 1-hour Aerobic Equipment Introduction before working out in the FWC. This takes two days because strength intros are on Mon , Wed, Fri and aerobic intros are on Tues, Thurs, Sat. Students who cannot attend an Orientation early in the week must attend Equipment Introductions beforehand to keep up with the class. Non-exercise attire is appropriate for the equipment introductions.

Attend Assessment Introduction

All students, new and returning, must attend an Assessment Introduction. This covers self-tests for the following (completed at the beginning and end of the semester): maximum strength, aerobic workload, and online measurements for Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist-to-Hip ratio. The initial assessment is due within five-days of attending an Assessment Introduction.

Attend Lectures

Beginning week five, students new to the FWC must attend one lecture per week for nine weeks in addition to exercise. Lectures are offered Monday through Saturday at a variety of times to accommodate individual schedules.

Once a student selects a day and time for their initial lecture, they must stick to that choice for the remaining lectures. Students may attend a different day and time only if there is a holiday (Flex day) on their scheduled lecture day or if pre-approved by an FWC instructor. There are no make-ups for not attending any lecture during a given week. Students who miss a lecture are still responsible for the content and assignments.

Exercise Requirement

Students must exercise 4-hours per week for the 2-unit class and 2-hours for the 1-unit class during weeks that have no scheduled lectures. The exercise requirement starts week one for students returning to the FWC and week two for new students. Late enrollees must make-up missed hours of exercise. The exercise requirement is reduced one-hour per week during lecture weeks for students required to attend lectures.

Make-ups for Exercise

While students may workout as much as they like anytime the FWC is open, credit is only awarded for up to 1 ½-hours per day and 1-hour extra per week. This means that a student who is required to do 2-hours exercise per week could do 3-hours per week for credit and a student who is required to do 4-hours could do up to 5-hours. Essentially, if you are 6-hours behind, it will take 6-weeks of 1-hour extra per week to catch up. Students are encouraged to stockpile hours for illness and unexpected demands.