The Faculty & Staff Diversity Committee


The charge of the Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee is to ensure every aspect of personnel policy and practice advances the realization of inclusion through a continuing program of equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination. The District’s Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee serves in an advisory role regarding the development and implementation of the Equal Opportunity Employment Plan as well as faculty and staff equity initiatives. 

The Committee is co-chaired by a faculty representative, a classified representative, and the Vice President of Human Resources or designee.  The Committee is composed of five faculty members (one of which serves as the faculty chair), a part-time faculty member, three classified members (one of which serves as the classified chair), two administrators, one manager/supervisor, one confidential employee, and two students.  The following positions maintain permanent membership on the committee:  the Associate Vice President of Human Resources who serves as the equal employment opportunity officer, The Director of Classified Human Resources, the Human Resources Manager – Academic, and the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator. 

Full-time faculty serves three-year staggered terms.

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee hold a minimum of two (2) meetings per semester, with additional meetings if needed to review EEO and diversity efforts, programs, policies, and progress.

The committee includes a diverse membership whenever possible.  A substantial good faith effort to maintain a diverse membership is expected.