Foundational Documentation & Collaboration​


There are several foundational steps that are essential to your new program’s fiscal, legal, and curricular vitality. Work with your program faculty, department head, and dean to accomplish the following.​

Departmental and Intra-Departmental Consensus ​

  • You should be able to provide documentation that your department has thoroughly discussed the program’s creation.  ​
  • Be sure that your documentation provides evidence that you have consulted with other departments if your program proposal impacts other disciplines, such as impacting courses from another department. Provide evidence that they are aware of the proposal’s impact and their concerns or insights. ​

Program Student Learning Outcomes​

If there is a need to create, modify or inactivate Program Student Learning Outcomes as part of your program creation or modification, please work with your department’s SLO Facilitator to submit your requests to the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (ASLO) Subcommittee.​


Coordinate with the Articulation Officer for consideration of courses within the program that may or should articulate to CSU, UC, IGETC, or be C-ID eligible.​

Approval Sheets​

The dean’s signature indicates their awareness of the program proposal. The dean should be involved in conversations regarding program proposal and is responsible for assessing and communicating the impact on resources, scheduling, facilities, etc.​